WS SA50 is a water-soluble salicylic acid powder loaded with 50% of salicylic acid. Salicylic Acid is a multi-tasking ingredient that can overcome skin conditions. It is a must for anyone prone to acne, due to its exfoliating nature. As an anti-irritant, it has the ability to soothe stressed skin, reduce redness, and work as an anti-inflammatory to calm breakouts on the skin. It is also a keratolytic active, therefore an excellent exfoliator.

WS SA50 allows you to build effective Salicylic Acid formulations free from alcohol, discoloration, and recrystallization. WS SA50 increases water solubility of Salicylic Acid from 0.2% to 5%, without high energy investment, and results in a pH of about 4. WS SA50 is easy to formulate with as there is no need for alcohol to solubilize the salicylic acid, it can be incorporated at room temperature using simple paddle mixer or homogenizer if needed.

Non-greasy, water-based formulations can be easily made and it is easy to incorporate into aerosol products.

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