Splish Splash – We think it’s time for a Bath

Although Bath & Shower is a mature market segment, bath products have seen a revival as a means to relieve stress and indulge in “me-time”. There are a few things attributing to this new interest:

  • Increased availability across all buying channels as brick and mortar visits have decreased with COVID-19
  • Growing pressure from Direct-to-Consumer brands capturing those with convenience and novelty motivators
  • Approachable price points, broadening the consumer adoption
  • Increased brand share mix, with more than half being niche brands

Main Motivator for Taking a Bath – Chill


3 out of 4 Americans report having stress at least once over a 30-day period, according to the American Psychological Association. This number has manifested to increased stresses, about increased things, more consistently in the year 2020, and is higher the younger the generation.

Those who reported increasing their use of Bath Products in 2018 vs 2017 (create visual)

  • 72% to relax
  • 51% for health benefits like stress relief & sleep

Consumers habits shift to incorporate routines that help them feel better mentally and physically.

Engage Customers

Sensorial Engagement has become an invaluable currency to people today, navigating so many mental stimulants. Make them feel something about your bath product by incorporating a combination of ways to ignite the senses, through:

Like Rubber Ducky, Become the Go-To Bath Must Have

Go beyond what is expected in Bath Additives to create value, excitement, and inclusivity, while delivering a sense of personalized touch appealing to the “for me” mentality.

Multi-functionality is pivotal to being able to relax. Combine familiar benefits from other applications for ease of use, such as:

  • Hair softening for easier hair removal
  • Slow dissolving, foaming bombs for use in both shower and bath
  • Duo Bath Sets (Mommy & Me) Monoi Oil 

Go beyond standard cleansing, fragrance and moisturizing, with ingredients that deliver:

Diversify offerings to target individuals’ specific needs:

  • Women’s intimate hygiene
  • Athletes speedy muscle recovery: incorporate ingredients into ice bath concepts to reduce inflammation and increase circulation
  • Pain or inflammatory health conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis

Formats Leave More to be Desired

Granules/Salts still hold the highest number of launched formats. Leaving opportunity for newer novel formats. Consider concepts that incorporate textures or formats such as:

  • Crystals

  • Beads/Drops

  • Oils

  • Bombs/Fizz/Tablets

  • Creams

  • Milks

  • Liquid Bubbles

  • Sprinkles

  • Glitter

  • Jellies

  • Flakes/Petals

Transparency, Safety and Responsibility Win in Claims

 With a rise in free-from claims due to the concerns of reactions with the skin, and overall safety, promoting your claim of “suitability for sensitive skin” attracts consumers. Try incorporating  Skinasensyl, Apple or cotton cells.  Align with Clean Beauty Trends, and highlight how you are protecting people, resources, and the environment.

Top Growing Claims July 2018-July 2020

  • Mineral Oil/Petroleum Free (+600%)
  • Vitamin/Mineral Fortified (+600%)
  • Ethical – Sustainable (Habitat/Resources) (+300%)
  • Sulphate/Sulfate Free (+166.7%)
  • Aromatherapy (+162.5%)

When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

Bath Additives was the fastest-growing Bath & Shower subcategory, rising by 12 percentage points in 2019 vs 2015, and had the strongest growth in 2019. Still 2020 proved to be a growth factor all on its own, and that growth is forecasted to be sustained through 2024. So now is the time to dip back-in!

Take Inspiration from Other Geographies and Food & Drink

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🍵 Tea Bath:

🌋 Volcano Bath:

☕ Coffee Bath:

  • Use Coffee Oil 

🥛 Milk Bath:

🍜🍄 Ramen Bath:

🌊 Algae Bath: