For those with thinner, less dense and straight strands the focus is on keeping the hair appearing healthy by reducing oil, preventing weigh-down, and reveal a luxurious shine. There is a strong focus on scalp health here as flaking or scalp issues are more easily seen on such shiny, dark, thin hair. Consider light weight and exfoliating scalp products to address issues at the root. Additionally, there is high concern for exposure to the sun and pollution and its detrimental effects. Add UV and Anti-pollution ingredients for complete scalp and hair protection and lasting beauty.

Here are our suggestions: Puricare & PeptAide 4.0.

As the hair is already thin and is more prone to thinning, products that give volume at the roots while giving a fuller appearance are highly sought out. For any color other than blond, the scalp can draw your eye, exemplifying a contrast and making consumers self conscious. Consider combining hair stimulation benefits with ingredients that both create volume, as well as prevent hair fall. Such as these:

  • Trichogen – aid in the decrease of hair loss and stimulation of hair growth, stimulation of metabolism, improvement of cellular oxygenation and skin/scalp microcirculation
  • Tricholastyl – Protection against glycation to help reduce thinning and hair loss
  • Luviquat Supreme AT 1 – Increases volume for fine hair with superior humidity resistance, curl retention and conditioning with detangling properties
  • BBR PO 370 – foam booster that also strengthens hair
  • Growth Oleoactif – multifunctional botanical complex that targets the biological pathways involved in hair follicle life cycle

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Other styling preferences are products that add shine while protecting hair from damage from both the elements, as previously discussed, but also heat. Amongst this wish list are products that prevent build-up. We have created a lot of content to reference for the hair trends coming from the Asian Inspired Beauty Trends, which is still a very hot topic as the principles of J & K Beauty still hold strong.

Coupled with the multi-step skin care regimen that became all the buzz, hair care deserves its own spotlight. A routine with rinse-off, leave-in, overnight, and all-day wear have taken on a multi-layer and multi-purpose approach. Milks, serums, balms, waters, mists, and water gels have become a more FUNctional approach to product abondance through sensorial engagement. In sharing hydration, breathability, and protection benefits for both skin and hair, products that are applicable to both have fostered a cult following.

Consider familiar formats with multiple benefits such as “Repair Water” for repairing hair and adding shine. A mist that is portable, speedy and easy-to-use. Using functional water alternatives brings formulation creativity with ingredients consumers trust. Take a look at the Algaline and Aqualagae lines.

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Effortless Light/Heavy Series Hair Oils

The oils feature a dual-layer formula to deeply repair hair damage, enhance smoothness and radiance, and moisturize and strengthen hair. Varying ratios of the active ingredients allow for a more customized offering that caters to a variety of hair types and needs. The easily absorbed product can also be used to moisturize hands.

Guava Rescue & Repair Kit

ALL-IN-ONE RESCUE TREATMENT – protects against harmful UV, while providing antioxidants to fight against free radicals. The kit manifests a formula that not only detangles and prevents damage from stressors, but simultaneously strengthens hair and provides intense hydration.

GRO+ Advanced Scalp Detoxifying Serum

Works to lift bacteria, excess oil, and product buildup. The result is a hydrated scalp sans irritation and, last but not least, hair growth. 

Raincry Radiance Rinse

A wash-out treatment spiked with shine-enhancing, cuticle-sealing, and thickening properties to target split ends, breakage, and dullness. 


More Ingredients to Boost your Formulation Benefits: