Who We Are is Expressly Personal and Yet Tribal in Nature

Who we are and what we are about can most often be defined by what we are part of, or more exclusively not part of. When we compartmentalize people by standards such as how we identify, we create separation beyond the needs of belonging, and furthermore esteem. One “tribe so to speak” that has grown over the last year is those identifying as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. What is important to note is that the growth has more than doubled to 7.1%, since the decade before, as diversity and acceptance have become a larger part of common communication, but these numbers are still suspected to be wildly underreported. What’s more stunning is, that roughly 21% of Generation Z Americans who have reached adulthood identify as LGBT. The Millennial generation is second at just over 10% and GenX at just over 4% according to a poll published by Gallup.

It is a continued effort to make sure our approaches and language are inclusive and built around acceptance. Foster a brand that promotes individuality, uniqueness, and equality. Lean into desires to present ones true authentic self & the sense of pride that accompanies this. With diversity and inclusion trends continuing to grow in the personal care market, there is a focus on gender-neutral makeup and skin care, according to Mintel. Consumers are looking for brands that feature diverse beauty and meet the skincare requirements of different groups. Get started with these formulations that deliver skin benefits for all, and some with color as well!

Removing gender from messaging and straying away from strong feminine or masculine scents and packaging makes beauty approachable for all. As we are stripping away the pronouns of product branding, take it a step further by illustrating how to use a product is beneficial for those who have a new interest. Eliminating categorization in which routines were performed by who has the added benefit of opening up opportunities for your brand to connect with more consumers!

Let’s not forget how closely mental health is related to self-expression and acceptance. Check out Human Resource Campaigns and the Trevor Project for more information.

You can incorporate product diversification that fosters not only self-expression but just as importantly self-care without the guilt, through the concept selections highlighted in these posts:

Visually Represent Pride

Through colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag! Each pigment identified, helps you to formulate colors to resonate with customers’ self-expression and identity. Join in the colorful approach to taking pride in one’s self.

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