Have you Mist the #1 Mission in Skin Care? Moisturize!

Moisturizers that fill in your skin with hydration rather than an occlusive cream that just sits on top are perceived as more beneficial. Watery products with humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are great for adding moisture to the skin. Consider product development around multiple layers of one hydrating product or several layers of different ones.

Don’t forget about mists! Hydrating mists are great for on-the-go moisturization when needed but they are also perfect to layer in between makeup or skin care routines. Taking inspiration from the Korean Skin Care regimen:

Moisturize – Mist – Foundation – Mist – Concealer – Mist – Blush – Mist

In warmer months, and climates, mists also provide refreshment. Furthermore, mists are easily applicable for both the body and the face making it an ideal format for anyone to use. Many consumers look to mists after the friendly and easy to take sanitizers they have been carrying. However consumers are looking for further beyond the expected moisturization. Benefits like make-up setting, sun protection, anti-pollution protection, skin treatment, stress relief, and so many more are just the beginning. Encapsulated actives and bi-phase formulations offer even more formulation options to deliver efficacy beyond the surface!  Think benefit packed in small packaging.

Take a Look at these Formulas:


Mists also allow for further inclusion in product offerings, as those who have physical limitations are looking for easy to open and use products that are efficacious! Look more into our Inclusion Categories to learn more.