Efficacy and transparency of hair care ingredients, especially those are are clean and natural, continue to be high in demand for consumers. According to Mintel, between 22%-35% of US consumers are looking for products that are plant-based or are eco-friendly in the personal and beauty care markets. Verdessence™️Biopolymers are biodegradable and biobased solutions with rheology modifying benefits in hair care applications. These ingredients are 100% derived from renewable feedstocks, unperserved, COSMOS, & NATRUE approved. Take your hair care formulations to the next level with Verdessence™️Biopolymers.

Verdessence™️ Tara

INCI: Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum

Verdessence™ Tara is a 100% plant-based rheology modifier that enables to create smooth and shapely textures. It is suitable for verified eco-friendly aqueous and emulsion systems acting as effective thickener and texture enhancer.

Starting Point Formula: Soft and Smooth Textured Hair Gel for medium hold hair styles

Styling Profile

⭐️ Sensory – smooth & flowing
⭐️ Flaking – acceptable in combination 
⭐️ Texture – smooth and natural flow behavior
⭐️ Thickening – flowing medium
⭐️ Hold – medium-good 
⭐️ Long Lasting Hold – good 

Verdessence™️ Alginate

INCI: Algin

Verdessence™ Alginate is an algae-based, natural versatile polymer. It can be used as a rheology modifier, sensory enhancer, or setting polymer in skin care and hair care applications. In hair care, it provides a natural hold and long-lasting curl definition, even in high humidity.

Starting Point Formula: Smooth and Textured Hair Gel for medium hold hair styles

Styling Profile

⭐️ Sensory – light and viscous
⭐️ Flaking – lowest 
⭐️ Texture – light and low body
⭐️ Thickening – medium to high
⭐️ Hold – medium
⭐️ Long-Lasting Hold – very good

Verdessence™️ Glucomannan

INCI: Glucomannan

Verdessence™️ Glucomannan is a natural rheology modifier obtained from the tuber of the Konjac plant. It enables creation of verified eco-friendly formulations. It has fast dissolution in cold and hot water, with no agglomeration. Synergistic effects can be created by combining Verdessence™️ Glucomannan and Verdessence™️ Xanthan which enable various elastic gel textures and film forming effects. 

Starting Point Formula: Compact Hair Gel for medium hold hair styles

Styling Profile

⭐️ Sensory – smooth textured
⭐️ Flaking – in combination acceptable 
⭐️ Texture – smooth and soft viscous
⭐️ Thickening – high
⭐️ Hold – excellent
⭐️ Long-Lasting Hold – excellent

Verdessence™️ Xanthan

INCI: Xanthan Gum

Verdessence™️ Xanthan acts as a rheology modifier and thickening agent for a wide spectrum of personal care products. It thickens and stabilizes emulsions and surfactant-based formulations, providing excellent viscosity that is boosted by electrolytes like NaCl. It is produced from 100% renewable feedstocks, is cold-processable, and preservative-free.

Starting Point Formula: Classical Pure Textured Hair Gel for natural hold

Styling Profile

⭐️ Sensory – light
⭐️ Flaking – in combination low 
⭐️ Texture – jelly
⭐️ Thickening – jelly medium
⭐️ Hold – good
⭐️ Long-Lasting Hold – excellent