2024 Color of the Year

Laurie Pressman, Vice President of Pantone Color Institute describes color in a very visionary way.

Color serves as a powerful conduit for symbolism and emotion throughout history. It intricately weaves together diverse creative, cultural, and social influences, offering a colorful tapestry that reflects the essence of any given year.

This year marks 25 years, a significant milestone for the Color of the Year Program by Pantone. Initiated to ignite conversations about color, this program encompasses story-telling, weaving the ongoing narrative of our world and society. It captures and conveys the spirit of our times using color as its language, encapsulating the subtleties of our constantly evolving reality.

Peach Fuzz 13-1023 has been announced as the 2024 Pantone’s Color of the Year, communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration. This velvety gentle hue between pink and orange creates a comforting environment inspiring belonging, calmness, and space to be, feel, and heal. Peach Fuzz 13-1023 doesn’t just evoke a feeling; it envelops you in a comforting tactile experience, cocooning you in its warmth.

We are experiencing a time of turmoil in many aspects of our lives, and our need for nurture and compassion grows stronger as we seek a peaceful future. To get a jump start into 2024 embracing the Pantone Color of the Year, check out our Peachy Shimmering Dry Oil formula and additional Sun Chemical offerings.

Peachy Shimmering Dry Oil

Glisten like a goddess with this peachy gold shimmering body oil. It leaves a subtle shimmer and dry oil feel, after fast absorption. It is easy to spread all over the body and helps to balance the microbiota, reinforce the skin barrier, and deliver powerful antioxidants to keep skin looking young and bright.

Featuring the following Sun Chemical ingredients:

Gemtone® Sunstone G012

  • Luminous to shimmering, gold metallic-like effect pigment
  • Natural mica is responsibly and ethically sourced from Hartwell, GA, USA
  • Halal certified

Reflecks™ MultiDimensions Glistening Gold G280D

  • Multi-dimensional effect pigment with color travel effects
  • Changes color from gold to green as the visual angle of the viewer shifts
  • Vegan & Halal certified

Flamenco Summit Orange O80D perfectly aligns with the Pantone 2024 Color of the Year. As stated by Sun, “Orange uplifts, energizing us with joy and optimism for what’s ahead. It’s a cheerful color that can be both subtly natural and courageously bold.”

Stay tuned for more formulation and pigment recommendations to help you achieve your next Peach Fuzz-inspired product!

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