We carry a range of wild-crafted, organic and certified organic ingredients. Our company name, however, is a reference to organic chemistry and not organic ingredients.

All samples are sent with SDS only unless otherwise specified. This procedure allows us to maintain maximum efficiency in our sample program while also saving unwanted paper. Should you require a Certificate of Analysis or additional product information, please specify at the time of your request. We will gladly include it with your shipment.

It takes (at the most) 24 hours to process the request. You can expect to receive the samples within 3-4 business days of request or sooner depending on your proximity to the Ross facility. All samples shipped from the Ross facility are shipped Fedex Ground for tracking purposes. If your sample is out of stock at the time of your request, please check with your Technical Sales Representative for lead times. (Please note that BASF and Hallstar samples ship direct from their facilities and approximate lead time is 7-10 business days)

Our inventory is based on customer projections and order history. For obvious reasons, we would prefer to have the material you order in stock. Please let us know your requirements and we will work to meet them.

Lead times are not set in stone. If an item is not in stock, there are several factors that determine lead time. If you would like an up to date lead time for a particular product not in stock, please contact our customer service department.

The pricing of raw materials fluctuate for myriad reasons. Economic conditions (euro / dollar changes), gas prices, natural oil market conditions, etc. are all reasons why pricing might fluctuate. We honor all written price quotes for 30 days and suggest pricing is verified at the time of order placement.

It is possible to guarantee pricing for a defined period of time with a contract or a blanket order. Please contact your sales representative.

We do not typically offer delivery, however if you should be interested, please contact Customer Service Manager, Pamela Stokes, [email protected]

Depending on the product, a recertification is possible. It may involve a small fee.