Instead of asking what it costs… ask what it saves.

Whether you are in marketing, product development, sourcing or in the laboratory, Intelligent Ingredients™ makes it easier for you to make the wisest ingredient choices for your company.

With the largest portfolio of sustainable solutions for our client base, it is only natural that we create a new platform of ingredients appropriately called Intelligent Ingredients. These are the products that possess the highest “IQ” per se. Intelligent Ingredients offer the following core benefits:

Core Benefits of Intelligent Ingredients

  • Sustainable: We define sustainable ingredients as sustainably sourced and sustainably produced.
  • Significant Value-Add: These ingredients possess multiple function and performance benefits
  • Solutions-based: These ingredients solves a problem that currently exists in cosmetic and personal care formulas.
  • Earth friendly / Biodegradable: These ingredients are environmentally friendly and have biodegradability profiles readily available.
  • Natural Sourcing or 100% Natural: All ingredients are either naturally sourced and are a hybrid natural/synthetic or are genuinely 100% natural.
  • Consumer Perceptible Benefits: The consumer can tell these ingredients are in the formula through seeing or feeling the difference.
  • Claim substantiation data: The promise that these ingredients come power-packed with data to prove their performance – clinical testing (in-vivo, in-vitro and consumer panel testing in some cases)

Intelligent Ingredients™ are simply put, smart choices for cosmetic and personal care marketers, product developers and sourcing specialists. Intelligent Ingredients can be 100% natural, but not always… as natural doesn’t always equate to “smart”. Think of the deforestation happens around the globe. Anyone can offer natural products, but do they do it in a socially and environmentally responsible manner? Can they produce a stable, safe, functional product that has equivalent end-use cost to its synthetic counterpart?

Whether your company supports sustainability and natural sourcing or not – YOU still have the power to select ingredients that fit into your cost and performance profile while adding the value of these important features to save more than just money.

Did you Know?

Intelligent Ingredients were the brainchild of our Technical Sales team. With a core belief that it is our responsibility to provide high performance, sustainable, earth friendly products at an affordable cost, we packaged these ingredients to make it easy for our clients to select the best choices when it comes to ingredient selection.

Intelligent Ingredients

The Intelligent Ingredients Portfolio:


Plantarens – Alkyl Polyglucosides (APGs) are biodegradable and plant-derived surfactants that have a wide variety of applications in the cosmetics industry and are produced by world-recognized leader in sustainability, BASF.


Olivem 1000 – EO free, ECOCERT and COSMOS approved liquid crystal emulsifier.

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Celluloscrub – Natural cellulosic material designed to replace Polyethylene Beads in face & body care applications. Biodegradable, affordable.


Cetiol RLF – Enzymatically produced, NPA certified and 100% sustainable ester.


Naolys Plant Cells – 100% active plant cells, toxic, preservative, heavy metal and pollution free.


Sensiva PA 20 – Paraben, glycol and formaldehyde free. Broad Spectrum claim.


BioChemica Butters – Available in USDA Organic Versions, over 41 varieties, exotic and domestic.

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Plantservative – 100% natural, sustainable, broad spectrum preservative.

Our Favorite Intelligent Ingredients

“Naolys Plant Cells are 100% active plant cells. One plant clipping yields a forever source of active plant cells. I can’t think of anything more sustainable than that!” – Ali Witwit, VP Innovation & Product Development

“Glucoside chemistry is not only natural, it is recognized as safe by consumers. They love it!” – Bill Ross