Who wouldn’t want a color with benefits? Beraca offers an exotic line of nine natural Brazilian clays, all with a unique color and distinct cosmetic benefits. There are absolutely no artificial dyes or pigments and the extraction is done through a selective and sustainable process. The colors are variations of minerals and oligoelements offered by nature. Check out the 9 amazing options below:

  1. Beraclay Amazonian White Clay: Collected from the Marajo shores of the Amazon River. It is rich in nutrients, promotes a cooling sensation and has a pH very similar to the skin
  2. Beraclay Crude: Rich in Kaolinite clay, Beraclay crude allows for an infinite variety of cosmetic and spa treatments – clinically tested.
  3. Beraclay Light Green: Contains montmorillonite which offers several benefits to the skin. Highly recommended for oily skin and treatment of acne
  4. Beraclay Gold: This gem has a purifying, astringent and remineralizing effect.
  5. Beraclay Old Rose: Bercaly Old Rose is a mixture of the gray and red clays. It’s main effect is softness, and gently removes dirt and grime
  6. Beraclay Red: Red color comes from its concentration of iron. Softens the skin with an immediate perceptible effect. Improves elasticity and helps repair damage caused by natural aging or photoaging
  7. Beraclay Dark Red: Beraclay Dark Red has iron oxide and copper, important components to avoid dry epidermis and the reduction of skin’s elasticity
  8. Beraclay Purple: The beautiful purple promotes cell maintenance as it has magnesium, essential for providing a younger appearance of the skin
  9. Beraclay Black: The Black is a rejuvenating clay, different from the others due to its higher level of titanium. Rich composition of mineral salts and oligoelements is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

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