After Sun Mist

Calm and freshen your skin with this After Sun Mist! This formulation features Açaí Extract which has antioxidant activity, anti-pollution activity, and promotes cellular balance. It is suitable for the current demands of the market because besides having a higher concentration of actives, now the Beraca’s Acai is a Zero Waste ingredient, i.e., without any [...]

2021-11-15T11:53:10-05:0015th November 2021|

Facial Serum with Beraclay Yellow

This Facial Serum with Beraclay Yellow is a multifunctional pro-aging serum containing Açai Extract for anti-glycation and anti-pollution activity. It also contains Beraclay Yellow, a detoxifying clay that will reduce the appearance of pores, smoothing the skin texture, and illuminating the face. This clay provides a purifying, astringent, and remineralizing action. It also absorbs oiliness [...]

2022-02-01T10:38:26-05:001st February 2022|

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