GenoWhite™ is a new and patented spot-correcting technology with fast dermal penetration feature. A series of extensive studies have proven that this whitening peptide, other than possessing excellent safety and stability profile, can also target multiple steps of skin pigmentation.

Only a small amount of GenoWhite™ can bring up outstanding performances, including melanin reduction and inhibition of melanin-generating enzymes, tyrosinase (-100%), TRP-1 (-42.1%) and TRP-2 (-91.9%).

Genetically, GenoWhite™ functions to diminish the melanin-promoting transcription factor MITF (-39%). It can significantly reduce the pigmenting cross-talk by inhibiting endothelin-1(-92.7%) and stem cell factor (-61.3%). It is also able to interrupt the melanosome transport system and in turn prevent the melanosome distribution. All these multiple targeting benefits of GenoWhiteTM are the key to its excellent efficacy, which is clinically proven to correct the spots, improve radiance and even skin complexion in just 14 days.