Intimate Care

The realm of intimate care in the beauty space is emerging in all demographics. Femcare (Female intimate care) is on an upward trend in the beauty space right now. Although not new to the industry, it is being reinvented with focus in areas such as sexual and feminine wellness including pre & post menopause, period care, and pre & post natal care. Per C&T, the global feminine and hygiene and sexual well-being markets are fast-growing categories projected to expand at a 5% CAGR to reach 38-40 billion by 2025. Take a peak at some formulations we offer that will help get you started.

Prototype formulations

Feminine Foam Wash

This foam wash is a light and airy for use on feminine area. Use to maintain the delicate balance without major disruption of introducing surfactants, which could cause irritation and infection. With an inherent and subtle floral scent, it is mild enough to use every day. 

Highlighted Ingredients:

  • Beaute by Roquette DE 006​
  • Plantapon LC 7​
  • Lamesoft PO 65​
  • Relipidium BC10096​

Soothing Ingrown Hair Treatment

This roll-on ingrown hair treatment absorbs quickly to treat the bacteria caused by ingrown hairs. It treats and dries out the pores for soothing relief and prevents new hair growth. 

Highlighted Ingredients:

  • Hydrasensyl Glucan Green​
  • Sensitive Skin Cotton S-Gly​
  • Beaute by Roquette SA 130​
  • Beta-Hydroxide ACSD G00011​
  • Pilisoft LS 9760​

Balancing Intimate Oil

This light oil absorbs quickly to moisturize and balance the microbiome of the most intimate skin. Soothes with anti-inflammatory properties. All collectively to battle the irritation and dryness that can happen from things such as the use of sanitary products, hot temperatures, aging, or over-cleansing. ​

Highlighted Ingredients:

  • Phytosoothe LS 9766
  • Bisabolol rac
  • Sensiva SC 50​

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