Waterless & Sustainable

The environmental impact of the beauty industry has become a topic of great discussion. Although many measures have been taken to increase sustainability, it takes truly innovative concepts to make a large and lasting impact. This pillar aims to not only reduce packing waste, but also increase water conservation efforts, highlight portability, and demonstrate efficacy amongst novelty. Here are some formulations that align with our waterless concept.

Prototype formulations

Shake N’ Go Powder Soap

Versatility in packaging options to better align with your sustainability story. This waterless, fine powder hand soap provides convenient cleanliness. Just activate with water and run hands together to create a silky foam that does not have abrasive grit and washes away cleanly without stripping.

Conserving Conditioner Bar

Conserve the health of your hair with this unconventional conditioner. Including Floramac 10, a silicone alternative derived from Macadamia that leaves hair shiny, silky, and smooth, without the concern of nut allergens. Increase combability and reduce breakage. This solid format also helps reduce resource use by conserving water both in the formulation and end-use application.

Rock Solid Body Lotion

Using this solid lotion won’t Hurt. Thoroughly rub along the skin Like a Rolling Stone for total skin Satisfaction! Packed with nourishing butters and oils, it prevents TEWL and introduces rich moisture to the skin. Just as Papa was a rolling stone this formula was created to take to any Concrete Jungle with ease due to its lack of water. As an added benefit, a small particle abrasive allows for subtle and gentle exfoliation. Even greater, this formula is also multi-purpose, as it can be used in the shower to both moisturize and exfoliate leaving you to say: “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll”.

Clay-rifying Mask Bar

This clay mask slides over the skin surface when activated with water, due to the introduction of avocado and coconut oils to prevent over-stripping and remain less tightening than traditional clay masks. Perfect for acne-prone and oily skin as this formula provides excellent sebum regulation. Prickly pear extract is introduced to brighten, even, and protect the skin surface. So you feel less like a desert and more like a desert rose.

Sudsy Solid Shampoo

The sensorial properties of this bar aid in comparable foaming properties to traditional shampoo, resulting in denser and creamier foam. The mango butter provides structure, ideal for sticks, and balms, while actively counteracting the drying effects of surfactants. Argan oil subtly reintroduces oils back to the scalp, giving lubricity, helping to improve combability and reduce breakage.

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