Consumer culture has long been a thing of status and fulfillment, exacerbated through advertising and social media to promote materialistic ideals that consumers tend to be driven to as a means to satisfy validation, pleasure, comfort, or just novelty. But consumers are wising up to the impact such habits have on their wallets, mental well-being, household satisfaction and cleanliness, and the environment. The beauty industry has been the target for some time now due to the nature of individual and excessive packaging and waste, and while consumers are understanding the purchasing decisions more they are turning to companies like you to take a stand in reducing the waste in both product turnover and packaging.

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Innovation allows consumers to still get the instant satisfaction of products that wow, but also allows them to be utilized in more ways than one, be formulated as a concentrate, without packaging, or without the need for water. All of these factors help reduce overconsumption in some way, and as more people face downsizing, water scarcity, and excess waste the motto of less is more really holds true.