The Challenge
Let Schülke and Ross Organic help you with your next product launch by conducting your preservative challenge testing for you. Schülke offers this free of charge to customers who want to challenge test one of their preservative blends. Save yourself money, time and work with the leading global preservative brand, Schülke.

MQM – Microbiology Quality Management
On request Schülke can conduct a thorough Hygiene Audit of your operation, train your staff in hygiene practices, provide advice on factory design and compile detailed hygiene plans for your organization. If you are interested in taking a comprehensive approach to preventing microbiological contamination and safeguarding your products and processes, please contact your Ross Organic Technical Sales Representative.

Schülke is the global leader in preservative blends and non-traditional alternative preservative blends to the Cosmetic Industry. Represented by Ross Organic for over a decade, Schülke has become the go-to choice for preservative selection.

Download the latest Schülke Product Guide on our website or contact [email protected] for further information.