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We grant you clutter-free access to our social feeds focused on the top trends the market is fixated on. Social buzz is a vital factor in determining the consumer’s pure interest in a segment, ingredient, or advancements in personal care. Up to the minute, posts are based on total clicks, total followers, rate of influence, and trending status. A focused feed takes the guesswork out of searching socially!

Discover interest from the market, and see first hand what consumers are looking for, and how often they are looking. We track key search terms and phrases that are directly related to growing market segments, to help you identify market patterns and opportunities. Where there is smoke, there must be fire!

If consumers are searching and posting socially, then we need to see if the market is actually primed for growth. Fortune Outlook offers market sizes, economic opportunity and forecast insights. Room to grow means plenty of room on the shelves for your products!

If consumers are posting in social media, searching in Google, and the market dictates plenty of room for growth, then we need to determine if they are purchasing as well. E-Commerce Buzz tracks trending products on Amazon and other influential digital channels, so you can see exactly what is going into your consumers’ carts.

e-Lab: Formulate Online. Accomplish More: Funnel your project through e-Lab and receive additional technical support like ingredient and starting point formulation recommendations, and formulation development with pre-approval.

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