This 9X enhanced ultra concentrated liquid laundry detergent is an ideal solution to consider for unit-dose liquid detergents. The use of Dehypound® HDL 90 in conjunction with Plurafac® LF 900 create a dynamic system that offer high end performance in a highly concentrated delivery.


Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
Deionized Water 3.0
Glycerin 7.5
Propylene Glycol
Tinopal® CBS-X Disteryl Biphenyl Derivative 0.1
Triethanolamine 6.0
Monoethanolamine 1.1
Plurafac® LF 900 Alcohol Alkoxylate 6.0
Dehypound® HDL 90 Proprietary Surfactant Blend 58.1
Sodium Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate 99% Active 5.1
Lauric Acid 5.7
Kathon CG/ICP 0.1
Savinase Ultra 1.8
Amylase 0.5

Formula No.   31158-1-6