A gentle soap-free facial cleansing milk with dual action. Removes make-up safely without irritation and cleanses the skin, while deeply moisturizing and nourishing. Enriched with olive oil derives this facial cleanser leaves skin feeling smooth, clear and beautiful every day.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A OLIVEM® 1000 Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate 3.00
SENSOLENE® Ethylhexyl Olivate 3.00
OLIVEM® 300 Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters 3.00
OLIVEM® 400 Sodium PEG-7 Olive Oil Carboxylate (35% solids) 5.00
Sodium Laureth Sulfate (2 mol, 27%
B Water (Aqua) (deionized) Up to 100
Glycerin 3.00
C Acrylates Polymer 8.00
D Triethanolamine a.n.
E Preservative a.n.
Fragrance (Parfum) a.n.

Formula No. NAD025-08-01D


1. Prepare phase A, warming it to 75°C with mixing.
2. Combine phase B, disperse phase C in it at room temperature and then adjust its pH with phase D to pH 6,5.
3. Add phase A (at 75°C) to phase BCD (at room temperature) with gentle mixing using a suitable dispersion unit (e.g., Silverson, Ultra-Turrax) and then homogenize for a few minutes.
4. Start cooling batch and, when at 40°C, add phase E ingredients in order under gentle mixing.