Restore and improve manageability with this intensive conditioner, specially designed to chemically-treated hair. Gluadin® WLM Benz reinforces hair, protecting it from breakage and split ends.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A DI Water 83.20
Glycerin 2.00
B Dehyquart® F-75 Distearoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol 0.50
Cutina® CP Cetyl Palmitate 2.00
Lanette® O Cetearyl Alcohol 3.50
Cetiol® CC Dicaprylyl Carbonate 2.00
C Dehyquart® A CA Cetrimonium Chloride 4.00
Gluadin® WLM Benz Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein 2.00
Fragrance 0.50
Glydant DMDM Hydantoin 0.30
Citric Acid (50%) qs

Formula No. US-00811-197


  1. Mix the water and glycerin and heat to ~80C (water phase/ Phase A).
  2. Mix the Dehyquart F-75, Lanette O, Cetiol CC and Cutina CP in a separate vessel and heat to ~80C (oil phase/ Phase B).
  3. Add Phase B to Phase A at 80C and mix at high speed for ~15 minutes.
  4. Homogenize for 3 minutes. Reduce speed to slow and allow emulsion to cool with slow constant motion.
  5. Add Dehyquart A-CA, Gluadin WLM Benz, preservative and fragrance at ~40C. Stop mixing at 30C.