This product cleanses face, eye area and lips effectively. Its soap-free formula features cleansing spheres that effectively capture and eliminate impurities and makeup. It also includes hyaluronic acid that delivers immediate and long-lasting hydration. The presence of Olivem® 300 and Eurol®BT makes it ideal for delicate skin, leaving it feeling clean, fresh and soft. Saturday Night Remover is designed to draw out not only the make-up but also the effects of a Saturday night party, plumping your eyes and lips.

Suggested Usage:
– Pour Saturday Night Remover onto a clean cotton pad;
– Apply to face, eye area and neck;
– Do not rinse.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A OLIVEM® 300 Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters 3.00
Poloxamer 184 3.00
Fragrance (Parfum) a.n.
B Water (Aqua) (deionized) Up to 100
EUROL® BT Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract, Water 0.05
Panthenol 0.30
Propanediol 3.00
Propylene Glycol, Water, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract 0.50
Preservative a.n.
C Water (Aqua) (deionized) 5.00
Sodium Hyaluronate (1000-1800 kDa) 0.20

Formula No. CS16-001-05B


1. Mix the component of phase A until they are completely mixed in;
2. Add phase B into phase A under fast stirring (400-450 rpm) drop by drop until the emulsion reverses (inverts) and then continue adding phase B faster;
3. Add phase C to phase AB while mixing;
4. Adjust the batch pH to between 6.5 and 7.0 if necessary.