Styling Foam for Textured Hair

This styling foam provide curl definition and strong anti frizz effect with no negative. It has been built around two key ingredients: Polycare® Frizz Therapy that brings strong efficacy with some durability and Mirataine® CB 35 ULS HP MB acting as a bounce booster, on top of creating a foam that completely melt into the hair.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name WW%
    Water QSP 100
  Polycare® Frizz Therapy Poly Methacrylamido propyl trimonium Chloride 4.5%
  Mirataine® CB 35 ULS HP MB Cocobetaine 2.85%
    Glycerin 0.5%
  Polycare Plus® Rice Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Rice Protein 0.5%
    Phenoxyethanol 1.0%
    Citric acid Solution (50%)  


1) Charge a beaker with water. Add Polycare® Frizz Therapy under a speed of stirring around 300 rpm and let it fully solubilized. 2) Under moderate stirring of 150 rpm, add Mirataine® CB ULS HP MB and homogeneize 10 minutes. 3) Add Polycare plus® Rice, Glycerin and homogeneize. 4) Then add preservative and adjust pH with Citric acid 50 %: