Champagne Glow Highlighter Stick

This Champagne Glow Highlighter stick is a face contour and highlighter stick that illuminates cheeks, chins, noses and eyes. Glides on smoothly and blends easily to add a delicate champagne glow. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A Cetiol® J 600 Oleyl Erucate 6.20   Cetiol® HE PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate 11.60   Myritol® 312 Caprylic/Capric [...]

2024-01-25T12:20:36-05:0020th May 2019|

Contour Highlight Balm

This Contour Highlight Balm is a holographic highlight balm that blends out to a universal bronze tone. Using only 5 raw materials, create a dual-toned eyeshadow, a contour-highlight cheek application, or even an hombre lip effect. It is preservative free, not tested on animals, not derived from animal origin, and China compliant.  This formulation features [...]

2022-05-27T15:43:26-04:0027th May 2022|

Defining Face Contouring Palette

Timica Terras as a formulation is super smooth and very blendable which is ideal for creating a natural contoured look. Dusk Shade Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A Mearlmica® Treated SVA Mica (and) Lauroyl Lysine 42.00     Talc 6.10     Kaolin 3.45     Magnesium Stearate 1.75     Titanium Dioxide 14.40 [...]

2023-10-01T22:58:15-04:0020th May 2019|

Jelly Highlighter – Violet Dew

This Jelly Highlighter - Violet Dew is infused with light-catching effects to create a diamond-like rainbow finish. Brighten the complexion with pure radiance that works on all skin tones. This soothing jelly has multi-dimensional shine. It contours the face with reflective sparkles. Featured pigments & effects: SunSHINE® Frosted Silver Reflecks™ MultiDimensions Shifting Sapphire  SunSHINE® Ultra [...]

2023-03-22T14:37:01-04:0022nd February 2023|

Memory Shape Glow Kit

The Memory Shape Glow Kit comes in two shades. The formulation complements a range of light to dark skin tones. Vanilla Pearl The Vanilla Pearl can be used to accent cheek and brow bones for a dewy glow while providing subtle color correction. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A Aqua 61.50 Glycerin 5.00 Phenoxyethanol, [...]

2019-05-20T14:20:14-04:0020th May 2019|

Shaping Powder – Amberglow

Shaping Powder - Amberglow   A soft touch pressed powder that is light and comfortable for all day wear . 2-in-1, use as a traditional bronzer to contour the face and as an eyeshadow- create a natural, simple look or use as a transition shade to build a dramatic eye look   Sequence Trade Name [...]

2020-05-11T16:57:28-04:0011th May 2020|

Shimmering Sandstone Multi-Powder

Shimmering Sandstone Multi-Powder A shimmering, multifunctional loose powder that doubles as a highlighter and eyeshadow. This versatile powder is perfect for illuminating the eyes or accentuating the contours of the face naturally. Mearlmica® FF blended with Bi-Lite® 20 create this shiny base, while Gemtone® Tan Opal G005 and Flamenco® Gold 220C produce the glistening soft [...]

2023-11-08T09:02:59-05:0026th October 2021|

Spiced Wine Bold Matte Lipstick

This easy-glide contouring chubby pencil has an intense color payoff and a matte finish, allowing the user to create depth and dimension to their lips. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A   Synthetic Wax 10.00     Microcrystaline Wax 3.00     Polyethylene 3.00   Cosmedia® Gel CC Dicaprylyl Carbonate (and) Stearalkonium Hectorite (and) [...]

2023-10-01T23:06:40-04:0020th May 2019|


This Sunrise Shimmer Stick is a convenient, versatile, and travel friendly product. This solid stick SPF highlighting/ contour stick is a perfect companion to ensure all day sun protection. Easy application supports reapplication throughout the day, refreshing and brightening the face. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A   Ozokerite 6.30     Polyethylene 4.30 [...]

2022-02-16T11:03:57-05:0023rd September 2021|


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