Beraca Açai Oil Refined, extracted from the fruit pulp, contains polyphenols which are powerful natural antioxidants. The
antioxidant components of this oil have the ability to inhibit or reduce the oxidation processes generated by free
radicals. In addition to the antioxidant capacity, the lipid composition of the açaí oil may be involved in reducing
the inflammatory process.
Thus, the polyphenols present in this oil have the ability to act as antioxidants, reduce inflammation caused by
UV radiation, making açaí an excellent option to be included in sunscreen formulations, serum, creams and anti-
aging lotions, shaving products and aftershave, shampoo, conditioners and leave-in.
One of the harmful factors to the skin is dehydration. Besides the natural evaporation, some external factors
may influence on the dehydration of the skin or destruction of the protective barrier, such as low atmospheric
humidity, pollution, very low temperatures and the use of products abrasive to the skin, such as solvents,
detergents, soap in excess and some other chemicals. The degree of water loss depends on the intensity of
exposure to those factors.
Dehydrated skin presents a dry appearance, without firmness, elasticity or vigor. The use of moisturizing cosmetics
can prevent the loss of water in two ways: by forming a barrier against the superficial evaporation or hydrating the
stratum corneum (by water contained in these formulations or by absorption of atmospheric water).
In this context, Beraca presents the RAIN FOREST 04410 (REFINED AÇAÍ OIL), with proven efficiency in the preservation of skin moisturizing and decrease in transepidermal water loss
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