Alkamuls® PSML-20PC MB is a polyethoxylated sorbitan monolaurate with approximately 20 moles of ethylene oxide. With HLB value of 16.7, it is an effective solubilizer for oils and perfumes in water and water-alcohol systems. It is also used as an emulsifier in o/w formulations usually in combination with Sorbitan Monolaurate as co-emulsifier.  Alkamuls® PSML-20PC is also recommended for use in mild cleansers (e.g baby shampoos & body wash) and as cleansing agent in wipes.

  • Function: Solubilizer, spreadability & dispersing agent
  • Claims: Moisturizing and hydrating, dilute essential oils or perfume in water-based cosmetics
  • End Use: Serum & treatments & oils, shampoos & rinses, baby wipes, baby formulation
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