ALTER-SUSPENISILIA is a 100% natural (according to ISO1612) suspending agent made from sterculia tree’s gum. It is an excellent alternative to synthetic polymers. It allows for strong suspensive power while having low viscosity. 

Sterculia gum is the resin of the sterculia tree located mainly in India. This resin is a complex of partially acetylated polymers with about 37% uronic acid residues and 8% acetyl groups. Karaya resin is harvested in Northern India in the southern Himalayan region. The gum comes in the form of solid pieces that are collected by local people and sold to cooperatives. Foreign bodies such as bark are removed. The pieces are sorted according to their degree of purity. The purest of them (whitest) are then used crushed to make ALTER-SUSPENSILIA. This gum is reduced to a powder fine enough to allow a homogeneous gel.

This ingredient is ideal for keeping exfoliants, decorative particles, pigments, or other physical particles in suspension. It is compatible with electrolyte concentration up to 0.2%. Dosage ranges between 0.5% – 2%. It is COSMOS compliant.


  • Ideal for skincare products such as exfoliating gels, lotions with decorative particles, tinted emulsions
  • Suitable for stable volcanic sand 



Sterculia Urens Gum & Sclerotium Gum

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        Sterculia Urens Gum & Sclerotium Gum