Biochemica® BioVera 200X Aloe is a USDA Certified Organic, spray-dried crystalline powder produced from 100% pure liquid of the aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) plant which has been organically cultivated. The resultant product is a 200 X concentrate of liquid aloe which may be reconstituted with deionized water in a ratio of 1:199 (powder to water) to obtain pure and natural aloe vera juice. This product is produced without the use of a preservative, so one must be added upon reconstitution in a nonsterile environment to ensure microbiological integrity. Biochemica® BioVera 200X may be used in cosmetics and topically applied pharmaceuticals and may be added directly to the aqueous (water) phase of any formulation. Keep Biochemica® BioVera 200X Aloe tightly sealed and store in a cool, dry place (preferably 70°F or below). It is an unpreserved natural product and should be handled accordingly. Stock should be used promptly (and inventories rotated) to assure freshness.

Features & Benefits of Biochemica® BioVera 200X Aloe:

  • Anti-inflammatory Agent
  • Biodegradable
  • Gelling Agent (aqueous)
  • Humectant
  • Moisturizing Agent
  • Natural Product
  • Plant Derived / Vegetal Based
  • Skin Hydration Agent
  • USDA-NOP Certified Organic
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