Cegesoft SB 45 TR is a unique, COSMOS approved soft-solid emollient characterized by a higher melting range which helps to provide a soft and smooth skin feel. This differentiates our shea butter from other refined shea butters on the market.  Along with the high melting point, Cegesoft SB 45 TR is directly sourced from the Kolo Nafaso Program, which promotes transparency, traceability, and women’s empowerment. Although not a 1:1 replacement, this product is replacing Cetiol® SB 45.


  • Non-comedogenic and non-acneigenic at 15%
  • Softer smoother skin-feel
  • Leaves the skin feeling moisturized and comfortable
  • Long term moisturization
  • Excellent odor and color
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        Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter