CelluloScrub™ L  is a white scrub that provides the same high performance of polyethylene (PE) beads.

The ingredient CelluloScrub L, coming from wood pulp, is modified cellulose making it a real renewable and biodegradable resource for the personal care industry. It has no impact on the lands overexploitation. The cellulose which is used to make it comes from certified and sustainable forests. INCI: Cellulose Acetate


Furthermore, this is recognized as biodegradable within the scientific community as its degradation by microorganism has been proven in environments including wastewater treatment facilities.

Celluloscrub™ L  has the same characteristics of performance as the Polyethylene used for scrubbing purposes.

• Same white color

• Same color stability

• Same abrasiveness and abrasiveness stability

• Same suspension capacities due to the same density.

Stability studies made with Celluloscrub™ show optimal stability in any cosmetic products. One of the most important benefits of Celluloscrub™ L  is its very low impact on the pH value of the product. With Celluloscrub™, pH may not be reduced more than 0,1 to 0,2 when the pH is more impacted with other polymers like polylactic acid.

Celluloscrub™ L  can be used in any kind of personal care products for exfoliation purposes. It remains stable over time and does not interfere with the color and the pH of the product.



 Also available in either white, blue or pink; as 100% natural or organic versions and in 4 grades: 

  • CelluloScrub™ L 1000
  • CelluloScrub™ L  500
  • CelluloScrub™ L  300
  • CelluloScrub™ L  XLS






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