Dermican PW LS 9838

Lumican is involved in the formation of collagen fiber (fibrillogenesis) and consequently in the skin resistance to traction. Lumican decreases with age and results in the loss of organization of the collaging fibers. Dermican PW LS 9838 is a synthetic tertapeptidethat target the lumican metabolism specifically.

  • Improvement of skin support tissues, via the stimulation of the synthesis of Collagen I and one of its anchoring elements, lumican, for an optimal and functional organization of collagen I fibers.
  • Increase of dermis density.
  • Improvements of skin firmness and thickness, for total firming/anti-aging effect.

After 4 months of treatment, skin recovers thickness and firmness.

Clearly boosts the synthesis of lumican

Significallyincreases the expression of collagen I gene

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