The readily biodegradable wax-based opacifier by BASF

Raising environmental challenges are key drivers for the growing demand foreco-friendlyproducts. Euperlan OP White is our first readily biodegradable, wax-based opacifier dispersion designed to deliver a superior white appearance to personal care rinse-off products. Face masks are the fastest growing skin care sector. The range of new products is increasing at extremely high speed. All the more difficult has it become for manufacturers and consumers not to get lost in this world of masks. For its face mask concept, BASF has selected the latest trends to offer the right product for every purpose â from anti-pollution effects via clay, natural retinol alternatives for gentle skin renewal, through to K-Beauty, the latest beauty trend in Korean cosmetics.

Applications for EUPERLAN OP WHITE

  • Baby Care and Cleansing
  • Shampoo
  • Liquid Soap
  • Shower/Bath Products
  • Face Cleansing
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