The first of its kind, FILL Oleoactif® is an active ingredient designed with two emblematic Mediterranean plants sustainably sourced (upcycled, respectful of Good Harvesting Practices) in France and presenting remarkable antioxidant and reparative properties. Highly concentrated in Phytoside™ (myricitrin, oleuropein), FILL Oleoactif® activates natural healing pathways to counter-balance skin aging signs and restore younger skin architecture. This ingredient is eco-processed, vegetal, and COSMOS-certified, with proven efficacy at 1% dose.

To internally combat the effects of aging and fill in depleted tissue, the skin must continually regenerate and renew itself. Skin regeneration spontaneously occurs during the healing process. Unfortunately, repair mechanisms become less effective with age and oxidative stress. As a result, the skin’s surface appears more irregular and wrinkled. FILL Oleoactif® provides anti-aging efficacy by significantly regulating the expression of 14 genes categorized in 4 biological pathways of skin healing:

  1. Cell defense
  2. Mobilization of epidermal stem cells
  3. Epidermal regeneration
  4. Dermal remodeling

Removes skin roughness by -22% with a skin resurfacing action, while visibly erasing wrinkles in number (-49%), length (-45%), and surface (-41%) for an ultimate filler effect in a natural and non-invasive manner.

For information on the panel results, below are illustrations of the results that can be obtained: 


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