Florasolvs® Jojobas are water-soluble ethoxylated jojoba esters derived from refined jojoba seed oil and provides the emolliency of jojoba to formulations. There are 3 grades and all act as excellent film formers/fixatives and cleansers, offer high clarity, function as secondary emulsifiers and provide viscosity adjustments in hair care formulations and impart high slip. Additionally, all are highly effective as textural modifiers in facial serums, eye creams
and neck-area products and does not negatively influence foam properties.

Jojoba-80 and -120 provide excellent fragrance oil solubilization in aqueous solutions and Jojoba-150 is the most water-soluble form of jojoba available.


Florasolvs® Jojobas

Available in the following grades*:

  • Florasolvs® Jojoba-80 (Jojoba Wax PEG-80 Esters)
  • Florasolvs® Jojoba-120 (Jojoba Wax PEG-120 Esters)
  • -150 (Jojoba Oil PEG-150 Esters)


Features & Benefits for Florasolvs® Jojoba:

  • Biodegradable
  • Bodying Agent
  • Cleansing Agent
  • Co-emulsifying Agent
  • Emollient
  • Feel Modification/Enhancement
  • Fragrance Solubilizer
  • Lubricant
  • Plant Derived / Vegetal Based
  • Solubilizing Agent

*Please identify what grade you prefer when requesting a sample of Florasolvs Jojoba

Suggested use levels for this product are from 0.2% – 5%

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