Kopacol™ N 56 is a high active ether sulfate. Unlike other high active ether sulfates, Kopacol™ N 56 contains no ethyl or isopropyl alcohol eliminating any fire hazard. This product is milder at use concentration than sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth-1-sulfate. Kopacol™ N 56 is compatible with other anionics, nonionic, most amphoteric, and most natural and synthetic gums.

  • Equivalent to 2.25 batches of low active
  • Easy handling, unloading, and storage
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint by 66%
  • Eco-Hybrids with renewable coconut feedstock
  • The product does not exhibit gel phase upon dilution
  • Can be cold processed
  • Self-preserved by limited water content
  • Can be processed with existing plant equipment
  • Short ROI on equipment, if needed
  • No solvents present; No VOC
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