MIRASHEEN© STAR NB is a ready to use liquid pearlising concentrate that delivers excellent pearlescence, as well as unbeatable opacity. MIRASHEEN© STAR NB is a pumpable liquid which can be readily dispersed in shampoos, liquid hand soaps, shower gels, and other products at room temperature when pearlescense is desired. Typical usage levels of MIRASHEEN© STAR NB are normally between 1.0 – 5.0% by weight, which enables formulators to adjust the levels of pearlescence and opacity according to the target appearance. MIRASHEEN© STAR NB is compatible with most surfactant types commonly used in personal care formulations. Mild baby-type products and other high foaming personal care products may be easily formulated using this cold pearliser, since the ingredients in the blend are commonly employed in these types of products.

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