Pequi oil is rich in fatty acids, in greater quantity oleic and palmitic. These fatty acids are very similar to those found in the epidermis. The presence of these fatty acids allows the use of this oil in cosmetic formulations for skin and hair.

Hair is one of the body parts that have been receiving the attention of Brazilians. We observed many applied investments, particularly by women, to modify texture, color, cut, among other interventions that can bring these consumers to feel good about themselves. According to data from Euromonitor, from 2009 until today Brazil ranks third in consumption of health and beauty products, only behind the US and China. Among the items that lead the Brazilian market, hair products rank first, followed by perfumes and skin cosmetics.

Treatments that promise to define and treat curls are among the favorites. Curly hair tends to be drier because of its spiral-shaped format, making it more difficult to hydrate, and therefore require a lot of attention. As this type of hair is usually voluminous, it needs constant hydration to make them shinier, silkier and with less volume. Experts recommend combing the curls while they are still damp to maintain its structure intact, untangling them carefully, always from root to ends.

This way, to facilitate combing curly hair and to keep them hydrated and defined even when dried, Beraca presents RAIN FOREST 05910 (REFINED PEQUI OIL) as a hair product with proven efficacy to define the curls and reduce frizz.