Rheozan® SH is a rheology modifier that is certified 100% natural. It is an excellent stabilizer of formulations containing acidic actives and electrolytes. It provides a smooth and velvety skin feel and helps eliminate tackiness.


rheozan sh chart

Key Benefits

  • Smooth, velvety skin feel
  • Eliminates tackiness of oil-in-water formulations
  • Excellent stabilizer for systems containing acidic actives, salts & electrolytes
  • Wide pH range compatibility (<3 to >12)
  • Hot- & cold-processable


  •  Skin & sun care formulations with salts/electrolytes or electrolyte-containing actives
  • Skin & sun care formulations containing acidic active ingredients
  • Natural, “Masstige” to Prestige skin care formulations where excellent skin feel is a key consideration





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