SunSHINE® Effects, based on synthetic mica (INCI designation Synthetic Fluorphlogopite), offer unmatched quality and performance in cosmetic applications. As synthetic mica is virtually contaminant free, SunSHINE® Effects provide some of the lowest residual heavy metal levels available in the market today. Batch-to-batch consistency is far greater than natural mica-based effect pigments, which contributes to a cleaner appearance with improved transparency, luster, and chroma. While other effect pigments may be restricted in end-use due to their particle size or abrasiveness, the smooth surface of SunSHINE® Effects makes them an ideal choice for any finished product formulations. Larger fraction SunSHINE® Effects are also an efficient and cost-effective alternative to borosilicate-based effect pigments.

Features & Benefits of SunSHINE® Effects

  • Greater batch to batch consistency versus natural mica-based effect pigments
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Low residual heavy metals levels


Pigments Available

SunSHINE® Fine (1-20 Microns)

  • SunSHINE® Fine White (C803100)

SunSHINE® Super (9-45 Microns)

  • SunSHINE® Super White (C803201)
  • SunSHINE® Super Gold (C813210)
  • SunSHINE® Super Red (C813230)
  • SunSHINE® Super Violet (C813240)
  • SunSHINE® Super Blue (C813250)
  • SunSHINE® Super Green (C813260)
  • SunSHINE® Super Golden (C843211)
  • SunSHINE® Super Russet (C846273)
  • SunSHINE® Super Bronze (C846282)
  • SunSHINE® Super Copper (C846292)

SunSHINE® Glitter (20-95 Microns)

  • SunSHINE® Glitter White (C803400)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Gold (C813410)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Red (C813430)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Violet (C813440)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Blue (C813450)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Green (C813460)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Golden (C843412)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Russet (C846470)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Bronze (C846480)
  • SunSHINE® Glitter Copper (C846490)

SunSHINE® Crystal (25-150 Microns)

  • SunSHINE® Crystal White (C803501)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Gold (C813511)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Red (C813531)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Violet (C813541)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Blue (C813551)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Green (C813561)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Golden (C843512)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Bronze (C846585)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Copper (C846595)
  • SunSHINE® Crystal Russet (C846575)

SunSHINE® Super Glitter (40-250 Microns)

  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter White (C803702)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Gold (C813710)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Red (C813730)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Violet (C813740)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Blue (C813750)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Green (C813760)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Golden (C843710)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Russet (C846770)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Brown (C846790)
  • SunSHINE® Super Glitter Copper (C846780)

SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter (95-730 Microns)

  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter White (C803800)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Gold (C813810)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Red (C813830)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Violet (C813840)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Blue (C813850)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Green (C813860)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Golden (C843810)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Russet (C846870)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Bronze (C846880)
  • SunSHINE® Ultra Glitter Copper (C846891)
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