T-MAZ® 28 is a sorbitan monolaurate that has been ethoxylated with approximately 80 moles of ethylene oxide to give a water soluble, oil and water emulsifier. This product is one of a group of ethoxylated sorbitan fatty acid esters which are often referred to as Polysorbates. This surfactant is a mixture of partial esters of sorbitol and its anhydrides made from fatty acids, primarily lauric, which is then reacted with ethylene oxide to make it hydrophilic in nature.

T-MAZ® 28 can be used as a solubilizer and emulsifier of oils and fragrances, as a wetting agent, viscosity modifier, anti-stat, stabilizer and dispersing agent.T-MAZ®surfactants can also be used in the textile and metalworking industries.


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