Timica® Series – Luster Pigments COSMOS Approved

Timica luster pigments impart shimmering effects, both as white pigments in a variety of lusters and as color pigments in a range of “metallic” and earth tones. They are free-flowing powders that can be used alone or blended with other effect enhancing pigments to improve visual impact.

Trade Name Substrate Pigment Type
Timica® Brilliant Gold Mica Metallic Effect
Timica® Brilliant White Mica Interference
Timica® Extra Bright Mica Interference
Timica® Gold Sparkle Mica Metallic Effect
Timica® Golden Bronze Mica Metallic Effect
Timica® Pearl white Mica Interference
Timica® Radiant Gold Mica Metallic Effect
Timica® Silver Sparkle Mica Interference
Timica® Soft Luster White Mica Interference
Timica® Sparkle Mica Interference


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