The practice of adorning the body with permanent ink has been prevalent in societies worldwide for thousands of years, serving as markers of identity including lineage, affiliations, status, spirituality, rites of passage, and personal expression. Due to the rise of religions that view body modification as sinful and cultural association of the tattooed as symbolizing crime and rebellion, body art fell out of favor or was even forbidden for some.

Self-expression, the information age, and advancements in technology have pushed needle-and-ink work from the subcultural underground to more mainstream with adaptability into novel applications. Beyond traditional art tattooing, there have been growing trends in applications that provide individuals with a sense of empowerment and confidence such as imperfection masking (i.e. scar camouflage), permanent make-up (i.e. eyebrows or lips), and advocacy symbols (i.e. = and ;).  The shift from markings for identification or status to empowerment and community exemplifies why tattoos are being reclaimed as acceptance instead of rejection.

Feminine Foam Wash

Foam in the Sun – Organic Sunscreen

Peachy Shimmering Dry Oil

Blur Blot on the Spot Stick

Overnight Slug Balm

These formulas are adopted from other pillars at this year’s NYSCC Supplier’s Day to further illustrate our commitment to innovation and highlighting the multipurpose nature these formulas were created in. Please explore more about how each applies to Tattoo Care by clicking through.