This simple deodorant stick formulation uses Sodium Stearate OP-100 V as the structurant and Vegetal-derived Spectrasolv® DMDA (Dimethyl Capramide) to provide clear sticks with faint opalescence at 0.5% fragrance. Increased Spectrasolv® DMDA and fragrance levels reduce the stick setting temperature.

Phase Trade Name INCI %
A Propylene Glycol 75.62
Water (Aqua) (deionized) 17.11
B Sodium Stearate OP-100 V Sodium Stearate 6.27
C Spectrasolv® DMDA Dimethyl Capramide 0.05
D Fragrance (Parfum) 0.05

1. To the main vessel, with appropriate mixing and handling capabilities, add phase A, start mixing and heat to 70°C.
2. Slowly (to prevent clumping) add phase B to phase A.
3. When the batch is crystal clear and completely free of undissolved material add phase C.
4. Correct for any water loss, and then commence very slow cooling (to prevent set up of the product on the vessel walls) with strong mixing without aeration.
5. Add phase D (Belle Aire Fragrance #19699) at 60°C. Continue mixing and fill product when uniform and about 3°C above the set point for the product.