This Dry cleanser is 100% natural from vegetal sources, with 100% upcycled ingredients! A water free formula that is easy to use and is great on the go!  The Microzest 25 Lemon delivers filmogenic and astringent properties while the Olive exfoliator 200 exfoliates and provides skin renewal stimulation. The 
Saponin+ is what delivers the foaming but also provides antimicrobial  properties. 

Trade Name INCI Name %
Microzest 25 Lemon Citrus limon peel powder 50
Saponin+ camellia oleifera seed extract 30
Olive Exfoliator 200 olea europaea seed powder 20


  • OLIVE EXFOLIATOR 200 –  can be replaced by another exfoliant from EXFOLIATOR range.
  • EASY WAY – can be used for an innovative claim : stimulates skin renewal by mechanobiology.
  • MICROZEST 25 RICE – can be used for a texturizing and soft feeling effect.