This cleaning paste is 100% natural from vegetal sources, with 80% upcycled ingredients!  The aqualgae palmaria is used in place of water for a more ecological formula and allow for waterless claims. The Saponin+ is what delivers the foaming but also provides antimicrobial properties, while Microzest 25 Rice thickens. The Microzest 50 Cocoa provides a delicious smell and rich color. 

Trade Name INCI Name %
Aqualgae Palmaria Palmaria palmata extract, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, citric acid 50
Saponin+ camellia oleifera seed extract 20
Microzest 25 Rice oriza sativa powder 20
Microzest 50 Cocoa theobroma cacao shell powder 10


  • CLEANSCRUB 300 – can be used to make a hand exfoliating cleansing paste thanks to its exfoliant & grease absorption assets.
  • MICROZEST 50 COFFEE – can be used to replace MICROZEST 50 COCOA