A play on edible beauty, this is a recipe combining inspiration from at-home food kits, fun and interesting textures, the boom of boba teas, and international influences. ​

A bouncy body cleanser that glides over skin to gently exfoliate and cleanse. The naturally derived ingredients of this formula allow for the unique texture which holds it’s shape when introduced to water. ​

Rubbing in circular motion delivers a small foaming activity and stimulating effect without the rough feeling of other large particle exfoliators. Upon rinse off a clean softened feel is left to the skin.

Verdessence™ Xanthan

  • Vegan-compatible rheology modifier that efficiently thickens and co-stabilizes emulsions and surfactant-based systems
  • Cold processable
  • Produced from 100% renewable feedstocks, non-GMO, and Cosmos approved

Verdessence™ Glucomannan

  • Natural, cold processable rheology modifier
  • Good thickening polymer in aqueous systems from low to high viscosities
  • Synergistic effects when combined with Verdessence Xanthan to enable various elastic gel textures and solid formats
  • 100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks. Readily biodegradable, non-GMO, Cosmos approved

Plantapon® SF NA

  • Mild surfactant blend with superior foam behavior
  • Alternative to sulfate-based surfactants for body, hair, and baby cleansing concepts
  • Cold processable
  • >70% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks

Coconut Exfoliator 1000

  • Natural exfoliant made from coconut shells grown in Vietnam
  • Very stable and adaptable to any formulation type (cream, gel, paste, powder, bar soaps)
  • 100% natural (ISO 16128), 100% upcycled, biodegradable, GMO-free

How to use: Apply water to skin, use cube and rub in circular motion to cleanse and soften skin. Rinse Clean. ​Return cubes to airtight packaging.


Phase  Trade Name INCI Name Wt, %
A DI Water Water/Aqua 65.70
Neutrol MGDA Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninate 0.20
Citric Acid, 50% solution Citric Acid 1.60
Euxyl K 900 Benzyl Alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopherol 1.00
Perlastan L 30 Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate 2.00
Plantapon SF NA Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Glycerin, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate 8.00
B Glycerin Glycerin 10.00
Verdessence™ Xanthan Xathan Gum 1.00
Verdessence Glucomannan Glucomannan 1.5
C Coconut Exfoliator 1000 Coconut Exfoliant 9.00



  1. Combine Phase A together and allow to mix well.  Heat batch to 80-85°C.
  2. In a side-phase, combine Phase B to make a slurry.  Once main batch reaches 80-85°C, slowly add Phase B to main phase.  Allow to mix well for a few minutes to allow gel to fully develop.
  3. Add Phase C and allow to mix well until batch is uniform and homogeneous.
  4. While maintaining batch at 80-85°C, pour batch into silicone molds and allow to set at room temperature until solidified.