Plantapon® SF NA is an exceptionally mild, ready-to-use surfactant base that is free of alkyl sulfates, betaine, ethylene oxide and preservatives, yet offers outstanding performance. The blend only needs water, fragrance and preservation to be the basis of a gentle skin cleansing system.

Read the Salon Professional Brochure from BASF


Other benefits of Plantapon® SF NA include:

  • Naturally-oriented & environmentally friendly
  • Very mild sulfate-free surfactant blend
  • Easy to handle and cold processable
  • Ideal for sensitive skin claims
  • Fantastic cleansing properties
  • Rich, dense foam
  • Excellent flash foam
  • Easy to thicken with naturally derived lipid layer enhancer, Lamesoft® PO 65
  • Versatile ‚ can be used for hand wash, body wash, face wash, baby concepts, wipes, professional shampoos
  • TSCA approved




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