Let’s stop using synthetic colors for bathing salts. This salt is colored only with Microzest 25 Gardenia blue and Microzest 25 Carrot pink. Using some Exfoliators is the key of an authentic natural product.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name %
Salt qsp100
Microzest 25 Gardenia blue 0,4
Microzest 25 Carrot pink 0,8
Cranberry BioExfoliator 2000 3,5
Strawberry Exfoliator 1000 2
Rasberry Exfoliator 1000 1
Perfume 2



  1. Mix salt and Microzest 25. Stir gently to avoid dust formation.
  2. Add the other ingredients and homogenize the product. *In order to color separately salts with each color, separate the salts and color each phase with one of the Microzest 25. It allows to obtain variations of colors into one product.

*Microzest 25 range allows to create an infinity of natural colored bathing salts. Organic bathing salt can be elaborated by increasing the rate of BioExfoliator or by adding some organic sugar.