This nutrition milk is 99.7% natural with 99.5% being from vegetal sources, and 68.6% are upcycled ingredients.

The hemp water/organic sea fennel water is used in place of traditional water, additionally it soothes the skin. The Microzest 50 Oat is a colloidal oatmeal which is proven to soothe the skin it also acts as an emollient. Fucoreverse is an essential glyconutrient for sensitive skin and C+eramide provides Hydration while nourishing and soothing. 

Trade Name INCI Name %
Hemp Water Cannabis sativa leaf/stem water & Potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate & Citric acid 68.2
Microzest 50 OAT Avena sativa kernel meal 30
Fucoreverse Glycerin & Aqua & Hydrolyzed fucoidan 1.5
C+eramide Triticum vulgare (wheat) seed extract 0.3