Use these Refreshing Mouth Drops throughout the day for fresh breath and a refreshing feel or you can drop some in water and use as a mouthwash. Adjust the concentration by adding drops. 

Based on the perfect of chlorophyllin-copper complex in SunPURO® Natural Chlorophyll A, use up to 1% in application to deliver a rich green color, ideal for complementing and energizing mint flavor.

Formulation features:

  • 100% natural origin formula
  • Water-less
  • Clean and simple formula with less than 5 ingredients
  • Responsibly sourced colorants
  • Globally compliant
  • Vegan
Phase Trade Name INCI Name  % w/w
A   Glycerin 99.25
  Mentha Piperita Oil 0.50
SunPURO® Natural Chlorophyll A Water (and) Polysorbate-80 (and) Chlorophyllin-copper complex (CI 75810) (and) Propylene Glycol (and) Potassium Hydroxide 0.25

Procedure for Refreshing Mouth Drops

Mix all the ingredients and put in appropriate packaging.

Refreshing Mouth Drops












Formulation No. OC-BE-22-14519-02