This is an anhydrous gel formulation that appears semi-solid but in contact with the skin, it melts immediately. Transforming Silgel is based on the synergy between Olivem® 900 and the volatile silicone that is a carrier to create a barrier and protect your skin. Sensolene® helps the spreadability and emolliency of the product.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A Cyclopentasiloxane 78.00
OLIVEM® 900 Sorbitan Olivate 20.00
SENSOLENE® Ethylhexyl Olivate 1.00
Tocopheryl Acetate 1.00

Formula No. 067-16-04A


1. Mix the phase A and heat it to 80-85°C;
2. Cool in a water bath to 60-65°C while mixing;
3. Pour the product into the proper packaging.